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Types and Benefits of Genetic Health Tests



Genetic testing involves whereby you try to analyze the DNA so that you can see if there are any differences or abnormalities which might be harmful. Genetic testing has grown to be popular among medical practitioners due to its wide range of applications for example in paternity tests and the like. Where there is a dispute on who is the parent to a certain kid, some personal fluids and substances are taken from that kid, for example, it might be a blood sample or even a strand of hair, and it is tested then matched to that of the parent. If they are a match, then the test with dna tests uk is positive, and that is the actual parent to the kid and vice-versa. Genetic testing has been applied in the medical industry to the extent that doctors have been able to clone a human being. This is a very complicated process that involves taking the genes of a person and multi generating them and making an exact copy of the other human.


There are various types of genetic testing, and they all differ according to the area of application. For example, we have the forensic screening that is used in identifying the person who engaged in a certain crime. The forensic scientists try to collect any pieces from which they can test and know who it was. We also have another type known as prenatal testing. This one has applied mostly to pregnant mothers to determine the current state of the fetus's genes before it is born. Incase there are some abnormalities noted, that can be corrected before the mother gives birth. There is also the diagnostic genetic tests that are done to individuals who suspect they might be suffering from a hereditary illness such as diabetes and the like. Once the results are out, you can be able to live a healthy life and take precautionary measures so as not to contract that disease.  For more details about DNA testing, visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/henry-louis-gates-jr/can-dna-help-you-find-you_1_b_6171158.html.


Closely related to prenatal genetic test is the newborn screening which is now done after the fetus has been born to determine and identify any genetic disorders that might affect the kid. There are some benefits that come about due to genetic tests with the dna testing kits uk, and this is tied to the nature of results you will obtain. For example, if the test is negative there would be no need for the numerous checkups.