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The Importance of DNA Testing



It has been fought that the discovery of DNA together with our understanding of its structure and function are the most vital discovery man has made in the last century. The outcome of the discovery of DNA on both scientific and medical fields has been huge, whether it takes in the identification of the genes that instigate the development of major diseases or the generation and production of drugs to cure these devastating diseases. As a matter of fact, the identification of genes as well as their succeeding analysis with regards to therapeutic treatment has been ultimately affected by science and will keep on to do so in the upcoming years.


Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases

One vital area of DNA research is that of medical and genetics research with dna testing kit uk. Because of the discovery of DNA, the ability to diagnose diseases right away has been enormously improved. And also, we have been able to better evaluate the genetic susceptibility of a person to certain diseases. In doing so, the pathway to formulating brand new drugs in order to treat diseases has been paved. As a matter of fact, drugs can significantly be personalized in order to complement the personal biochemistry as well as genetic makeup of an individual. For those diseases that were once seen as lethal and where treatment was not existent or was unsuccessful, the discovery of DNA has significantly led to the breakthrough of drugs and treatments for patients diagnosed with serious conditions.


Legal Impact and Paternity

While the breakthrough of DNA has maybe influenced medicine the most, the contribution it has to the other areas is still similarly important. Paternity cases have a huge influence on families and children across many countries. Through the evaluation of DNA, the paternity of the child can be known which has a vital effect on the upbringing of the child and to his or her life. To know more about DNA testing, visit http://www.encyclopedia.com/science-and-technology/biology-and-genetics/genetics-and-genetic-engineering/genetic-testing.


DNA and Forensics

DNA has been especially vital to the area of forensic science. The breakthrough of DNA has destined that the innocence or guilt of an individual who is investigated for a crime can be known. In addition, it denotes that inadequate evidence can still create vital clues with regards to the perpetrator of the crime. Also vital is that identification of the victims can be determined, especially in cases where the condition of the victim is not recognizable to the family or friends. Get this best dna kit here.