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Your Guide to Home DNA Testing



DNA is the abbreviation for deoxyribonucleic acid. This carries with it the essential genetic instructions that make one living person different from another. Each person comes with only their own DNA pattern except for identical twins. If you want to tell apart two people, you should implement that method of home dna test that compares the DNA samples between these two people. DNA testing is being done so that experts can figure out if there is a specific DNA sequence that is absent or present in your genes. These tests are being one with the use of molecular methods such as DNA chips, DNA arrays, and polymerase chain reactions. Because of the many advancements in medical science, DNA testing has now become simpler, more reliable, and more affordable. DNA testing encompasses family member testing as well as paternity testing. If you say home DNA testing, this means that you will only be collecting DNA samples while you are at home. The most common method of DNA testing is paternity testing that is be done so that one can verify their paternity.


If you talk about paternity testing, the DNA of the child is being compared with the DNA of the father. Paternity is ascertained when the DNA samples of the father, the mother, and the child are verified. One of its many crucial elements include figuring out the date that the child was conceived. DNA paternity testing will only be requiring a few drops of blood from the people whom you will be collecting DNA samples. No matter the age, cord blood collected at birth or buccal swabs can be utilized so that you will come up with a more reliable and faster testing result. Cheek swabs or a small amount of blood can also be used to be testing newborns. Paternity tests can also be done while the mother is still pregnant with the child in question. Such DNA samples are being collected so that any similarities can be traced and then sent to the laboratory for further verification. The results obtained from DNA testing are both confidential and accurate. Know the difference of DNA test and paternity test in http://www.ehow.com/about_5079258_difference-test-blood-test-paternity.html.


Home DNA collection kits are being sold in the market so that people can do detective testing, grandparent testing, twin testing, and ancestry testing. Home dna test uk kits can be easily bought in your local markets as well as online stores. These kits allow the person to collect samples of DNA while they are at home and then send them to the laboratory for proper testing.